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Tomb Raider Reborn Entry by RichardAlexander Tomb Raider Reborn Entry by RichardAlexander
Title "Adventure Found Me "

Aprox Time of labor : 3 weeks

Medium : Acrylic Paints and Prismacolor Pencils

Size: 28 1/2 " - 60 1/2 " Aprox Digital Size 1568 X 3201

Inspiration : New young Lara meets Old Lara

Hey guys,this is my entry for the reborn contest,I have been an avid Tomb Raider fan since the 90's ,going on 15 years and strong !

My entry depicts my interpretation of reborn Lara's new found sense of adventure,the ship about to sail in unknown waters comes to a complete halt when from the waters,a world emerges,new adventures;to the new Lara,but old adventures of ours,you will find elements old and new that left an impression on the Tomb Raider world,there's many classics,however in this painting I chose which elements would look best paired up together.

Lara's face in this painting is my own,Lara has been my role model for years and she holds a very dear place in my heart,my tribute and respects go out to her and in that I chose to use my own face,as the face of a fan who has followed her and loved her for years .

My inspiration for the composition has been influenced by many of the old Indiana Jones Movie posters,while many elements can be seen all at once,there is one main theme and focus in my painting,the tag line "Adventure Found Me" was taken from the game's E3 trailer,where just before Lara closes her footlocker after looking at herself in the mirror,she expresses with great depth in her voice "Adventure Found Me " me that tagline inspired this entire painting,I started with various sketches and finally started to draw out the concept,the references were all my own (snapshots from ingame were taken),including my interpretation of the Endurance (I took shots from the trailer),and while I could add more details to the Endurance ( after looking at the games Endurance concept art ) I decided to leave my original interpretation in a simplified manner.Look closer at my art and you will find familiar relics from previous games or elements of previous levels in various games.

One more detail about my work here,is that the blocky pieced apart look was intentional,I wanted the entire work to resemble a folded map,hence why there are division lines all through out,it's meant to be part of it.

I hope you will enjoy my art as much as I had fun making it,if there was anything I could offer to our Tomb Raider community is my art and love for the series

EDIT : I was not satisfied with how my painted logo appeared on the painting,so I decided to replace it with the Original game logo as seen on the official wallpapers and game cover

Also,there was the slightest increase in contrast to the original picture,I feel as if though my camera will not catch the true vibrancy of my painting therefore I adjusted it closest to the real one

Zpartuss Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
KUPO!!! that awesome,kupo....well done :)
RichardAlexander Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
-glomp- thank you so much ! <3 how have ya been by the way ?
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March 10, 2013
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