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This deviation was deleted

Likeness - I can see Caius in both images,one very important aspect of doing portraits of people/characters is that getting the likeness is PARAMOUNT,there's very small details like specific lines and shading that would help in making Caius look like Caius 100% ,there's always very small fine details that make a person a person,the only problem I find with both pictures is that they show different angles of Caius' face so comparing them to each other for improvement proves to be difficult

Details- I think you could improve on the level of depth to details,or decide a hierarchy between the elements in your portrait,by the way your portrait is drawn I'm naturally drawn to the face and the eyes in particular but by adding depth you'll make that very apparent and more rounded

Technique/shading-it never quite seems like a person has a whole lot of shading and shadows on their face but if you took Caius' shots and turned them gray you would be able to notice all these ranges and variants there,give that a try,it'll help you produce a much richer deeper set of grading.As far as your technique,I like some of your lines,but I would say try out more line styles and forms of shading,like cross hatching and dotting to bring out different textures,characters are immersed in lots of details

Overall picture- very nice form,could use some extra shading and fine detailing
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